Handwriting for parents

Child handwriting assessment

If your child is struggling with handwriting it is important they are properly assessed to find out exactly which area of handwriting is causing them a difficulty and more importantly why. From these findings a tailor made programme of help can be devised. There is no point asking a child to endlessly practise letters if in fact, the problem is  visual or anxiety related! Getting to the root of the problem is the starting point for any recovery programme.

Our assessment is age appropriate and is based on the National Handwriting Association recommendations. It also has an additional motor skill assessment. It costs £75 . For further information and a “No Obligation ” chat call Cathy 07736000979 (between 10-3 school days is a good time to catch me)

Handwriting home tutor

One-on-One Handwriting Help Sessions

Sometimes children need a little extra one-on-one support to help them with their handwriting. These sessions are between 30 and 60 mins depending on the age of the child. They are available for children in the Worcestershire area. (If you are not in this area still feel free to call for advice and help). The cost is between £15 – £25. A full assessment must be completed before commencing these sessions. Please see above. This is to ensure the help and support is properly targeted where the child needs it.

Cathy is :-

National Handwriting Association Tutor

DBS checked. Although parents are usually encouraged to join the session too.

For a “No obligation” chat call Cathy 07736000979 (Between 10-3 school days is a good time to catch me.)