Jimbo-Fun Yr2 & Above
(Age 6½-10 years)

 Judged a winner by Alison Wilcox (Head of Education at National Association of Special Education Needs) Teach Primary SEN Resources Awards 2018

Many children struggle to master handwriting for two main reasons:-

  • They have not fully developed important pre-writing skills
  • They are not forming letters using the correct “Movement”

Our award winning Jimbo fun programme is an intervention which helps to address both these problems in a fun way which children love and readily engage with.

Handwriting is a developmental motor skill. It is widely accepted that when a child learns to run, they must first go through  the developmental stages of sitting, crawling, standing and only then do they progress onto running. Handwriting is much the same, children need to have acquired certain basic pre-writing motor skills before they are ready to write. Whilst the majority of children will naturally do this, there will always be a handful of children in every class who, for whatever reason, have not fully developed these pre-writing motor skills. To ask them to perform a high level motor skill such as writing when they have not established these basic skills, is like asking a child to run before they can walk.

Children who have not developed these skills will often demonstrate this  with the following-

  • Wrapping their legs around the leg of the chair or tucking them up
  • Flopping on the table
  • Have writing which drifts from the margin or starts anywhere on the page
  • Poor letter formation and illegible script
  • Writing which has no spaces or floats above the line.
  • Quickly tire
  • Experience pain in their hand
  • Disengaged

Poor motor skills will hinder the child in forming letters using the correct “movement” and if not addressed early this becomes embedded causing legibility problems later.

By the age of 7 years it is very obvious if a child is struggling to master handwriting and these children need an intense, targeted intervention to address these difficulties before they become further entrenched.

Jimbo Fun is a very engaging intervention which addresses these underlying difficulties. The accompanying instruction film makes it incredibly easy to use. Everything you need is in the “grab and go” case. Suitable for schools and parents to use. It comes with a free helpline.

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Please ensure you select the font style the child is using in their lessons.


Continuous Cursive Font is:
Pre Cursive Font is:

This is really important to avoid confusing the child. Any problems please do call us 01905 676118 or email info@jimbofun.co.uk

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