Junior Jimbo-Fun R & Yr1
(Age 4½-6 years)

Many children struggle to master handwriting because they lack the basic pre-writing motor skills needed to bring them to the table ready to write. Handwriting is a developmental motor skill much the same as learning to run. Children have to go through certain developmental stages and to have built up the necessary muscles and coordination to allow them to write.

Whilst the majority of children will naturally do this, there will always be a handful of children in every class who, for whatever reason, have not fully developed these pre-writing motor skills. To ask them to perform a high level motor skill such as writing when they have not established the basics, is like asking a child to run before they walk. These children need to be identified early and then placed on an intense intervention programme to promote the development of these skills.

Junior Jimbo Fun has an initial assessment tool for Reception and Year 1 children which aides with this early identification. PLUS an effective handwriting  improvement programme which is easy to use and targets the skills needed for handwriting. It comes complete with it’s own training film and everything you need to complete the programme plus a help line.

Suitable for schools and parents to use.

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For more information please don’t hesitate to call us on the help line.

Price £105.00 ( inc VAT delivery is £7.50.. FREE for orders of 2 or more boxes )

Includes …Assessments, programme, on-line videos, equipment, certificates, carry case and help line. All profit is used to support children with dyspraxia.

For ordering details please go to “How to Order” page or directly to our shop or contact us. Please ensure you select the font style the child is using in their lessons to avoid confusion.

Continuous Cursive Font is:
Pre Cursive Font is:

This is really important to avoid confusing the child.

For more information please don’t hesitate to call us on the help line.

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