Training For Schools

The first golden rule with handwriting is “Prevention is better than cure”

In other words it’s essential children are taught handwriting by teachers who are properly trained in:-

  1. The developmental stages of handwriting
  2. How to teach it properly to prevent later problems
  3. Identifying problems early so they do not become embedded.
  4. Know how to correct problems

The second golden rule is “Consistency across the school”

Many problems arise in schools when there is not consistency across the whole school in handwriting. Teachers rarely receive training in teaching handwriting and are left to help their children as best they can. This often results in children being given mixed messages. Effective handwriting comes through all staff being trained and the whole school pulling together in a consistent way.

We offer two types of training.

Whole School Handwriting Training

We come to your school and deliver a two hour training session for all staff either in  staff meetings or as part of an Inset day. This covers:-

  • Developmental stages of handwriting and how to promote these
  • Importance of pre-writing motor skills
  • Letter formation, font styles and joining
  • Resources, what to use and when
  • Supporting left-handers
  • Trouble shooting early
  • Tips on how to help when problems arise
  • Sources of further information and help

Cost £200 (No VAT to add) plus travel @40 p a mile

For further information contact Cathy

Handwriting Workshops for Teaching Staff

We run a series of workshops at different locations on handwriting which teaching staff can book on to. For details please click on Workshops

Who is the trainer?

Cathy has a wealth of knowledge and experience in helping children who struggle with handwriting. She has completed training with the National Handwriting Association and is a trainer and committee member with them.